Copy img from apalis imx8 to another apalis imx8

We are using “Apalis iMX8” SOM and “ixora carrier board” for our development. We developed application with tdx-reference-multimedia-img. Now let us know how to copy the image from existing “Apalis iMX8” to another “Apalis iMx8” for production purpose.

The recommended way is to add your custom layer to the reference image and then use the Toradex Easy Installer compatible image built using Yocto framework for production programming.
Alternatively you can use some kind of hack by unpacking the root FS tarball (ie Reference-Multimedia-image-apalis-imx8.tar.xz) included in the tdx-reference-multimedia-img archive. Adding the required binaries, libraries etc. to it and then packing it back to use with the Toradex Easy installer.

Can you share steps to do that.
We just want to copy the emmc of one board and put it to the emmc of other board.

Hi @Somnath ,

Can you please clear if you are asking steps for custom layer creation with Yocto build or steps to copy eMMC of one module to other?

Please note we strongly recommend you to integrate your application inside yocto setup and compile Linux image with your application. Other method is not supported officially if you still think this is worth the effort you can try this obsolete link

Reference link to build yocto bsp reference image are explained in below article
Build a Reference Image with Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded | Toradex Developer Center

To create custom recipe and meta layer for your application

Please feel free to write us back in case of any doubt.
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