CopperSpice on Verdin Arm family

New to this forum and not a hardware guy. Picked up a client that had proto-typed some stuff on Raspberry Pi using Qt. Actual production device will be on 9MX8M. Due to licensing insanity going on with Qt looking to use CopperSpice instead.

CopperSpice currently doesn’t have an ARM build. Some people have tried with it, but never answered back with their results in the CopperSpice forums.

Oh. For those unfamiliar, CopperSpice is a fork of Qt 4.8 just before Digia took over (now Qtc). They’ve made many changes/enhancements/improvements, notably dropping QML. CopperSpice is fully OpenSource, no commercial version. One can purchase support contracts. It appears to be their main source of revenue. CopperSpice uses Ninja and CMake for building.

I asked in the CopperSpice forum and thought I would ask here. With so many jumping ship from Qt to CopperSpice to get away from the continuously changing license I’m hoping someone already created a port of CopperSpice for this hardware.

So, I’m sending up a flare here to see if this has already been done and I’m just blind.

Typically I join projects a bit later and don’t have to be involved in setting up the cross compilation. I guess after 30+ years my luck finally ran out. :upside_down_face:

Unfortunately we have no knowledge about CopperSpice port to any of iMX processors.