Converting QT project from WinCE6 to WEC7

Hello gentlemen!

Can somebody please recommend the easiest way to convert Qt project from WinCE6 (VS2005) to WEC7 (VS2008)? I tried to convert it using a conversion prompted by VS2008 (when trying to open the old project), but it fails because of missing CE6 platform in the new development system.
Shall I do it by transferring file by file?
Thank you.

Dear @Victor

When you mention the missing CE6 platform, I assume you are referring to the Toradex SDK?

Visual Studio refuses to open a project, if it cannot find a match between configurations listed in the project file, and SDKs installed on your machine.There is two ways around it:

  1. Install the Toradex_CE600 SDK, even if you will not use it. It can be downloaded from our developer page “Windows Embedded Compact SDK”.
  2. Manually edit the VS2008 project file *.vcproj in a text editor. Simply replace all occurences of Toradex_CE600 by Toradex_CE700

Side Note: The automatic conversion from VS2005 to VS2008 does often not work properly. Be prepared to do some manual adjustments in order to make the building work.

Regards, Andy