Controlling Coexistence with 5G Module

I am using Verdin iMX8M-Plus with Quectel 5G module RM502Q-AE

RM502Q-AE has four signals dedicated signals to manage coexistence with a WLAN device - see attached image.

The model of iMX8M-Plus I am using has the integrated Azurewave WiFi/BT module, but I do not see signals brought out to the SODIMM connector to manage coexistence.

Is there support for something like this?
Should I connect these four signals to GPIOs and customize the driver of the Azurewave module to support this feature?
Any other recommendations?


Greetings @oscar.medina,

The short story here is that, coexistence is not supported or even implemented yet by NXP. As I understand the hardware/chipset is capable of coexistence, though without proper support this isn’t quite the reality.

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