(Continuation) Colibri goes dark after crash: What could cause this?

did you try debugging over jtag?

Afraid not. I can’t find anything on our mainboard looking like JTAG. I don’t think we have the Interface. However, the hardware guy comes by today and i’ll ask him about it. Also, the software does only run on our custom mainboard. I cannot use the Eval Board.

Off Topic, Strange and probably not related:
I’ve noticed a certain misbehavior being related to the room temperature. Meaning there is some hardware issues, which relate not to this Issue but to the other problem where the Motor just looses control.
Lowering the Temperature will slow down the motor (same, steady analog signal with no controller running) until it starts to jitter (±30rpm). Warming up the Board controlling the motor, will normalize the behavior.

This is probably not related to the freeze/crash issue, but i cannot be sure of that.

hmm, you can check the temperature of the module internally. I don’t think there is a hardware issue.
For JTAG, you could also solder the cable directly on the module.

Because i’m not a hardware developer, this is probably gonna hard on you.

I’ve found a CodeWarrior USB TAP from freescale. Can I use that thing?

Where would the colibri board need soldering? On the back there are this 6 contacts, which are used by the eval boards x28 connector to funnel JTAG through.

Would these contacts correlate to these wires? The 6th one would be GND.

  • TDI (Test Data In)
  • TDO (Test Data Out)
  • TCK (Test Clock)
  • TMS (Test Mode Select)
  • TRST (Test Reset) optional.

I will need some time to get all the info together. But please tell me if this is all wrong or won’t work either way.

you can find the information about the JTAG pins in the datasheet. You are on the right way.