Connection of Toradex Display on Colibri Evaluation Board

Please guide me how to connect toradex display on my colibri board.

I have colibri evaluation board(V3.2) with IMX7D on it and a toradex 7"inch display connected on it.

As i am connecting my display from details provided on toradex website i am not getting connected nothing appears on the display.

I think that there are some jumper connection problem so please guide me to get my display connected.

Hi @Nabeelahmed0505

Welcome to toradex community.
Could you provide hardware and software versions of your setup?
Please refer to the first-steps-with-resistive-touch-display-7inch-parallel for resistive touch display setup and first-steps-with-capacitive-touch-display-7inch-parallel for 7 inch capacitive touch display setup.