Connection of colibri vf61 (iris board) with Keypad that has single output pin

i am using keypad that has only one output pin coming from keypad that i connected to the colibri vf61(IRIS 1.0) board on pin 24( ANALOG_IN1).

I have already gone through this link ( keypad), but i am using our own keypad that has single output pin.

kindly suggest me an article having one output pin of keypad to the board.

Hello Manmeet,

Can you please share the details for the Keypad (with single output), you are trying to interface.


hello Satyan,

We are using customized 3*3 keypad . Kindly find schematic diagram

It seems like your schematic picture wasn’t uploaded. Can you please share it again?
You could also use the file upload (attachment clip) feature to share your picture. thanks.

yess…here it is…