Connect an Audio DSP on Colibri IMX6


We need to connect an Audio DSP to a Colibri iMX6S 256 MB.
In minimum we need 4 output and 4 input channels.

The selected Audio DSP supports common audio interfaces like (TDM, I2S, Serial Audio, etc).

In linux the dsp should appear as simple sound card with all input and output channels. Fixed sampling rate (48 kHz) and fixed bit depths.
Are there any recommendations, which audio interface we should use (SSI, ESAI)?

We hope we can use an existing driver and only need to modify the device-tree for our DSP.

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Hello MM@gm,

you can find the information about the digital audio interfaces in the IMX6 Manual Seite 49.

5.17Audio :
Codec InterfaceThe Colibrimodule does not feature an audio codec interface standard. Nevertheless, it is possible to access the internal three synchronous serial interfaces (SSI) of the i.MX 6 SoC at the module edge connector as alternate functions. The interfaces can be used as Intel® Audio Codec ’97 (also known as AC’97 or AC97) or as I2S (also known as Inter-IC Sound, Integrated Interchip Sound or IIS). The interfaces can be used to connect an additional external audio codec that can provide up to 5.1 channel audio.

Best Matthias