Configure pinout in torizon build

Can the IMX6/IMX8 pin functions be easily configured if using the torizon linux build or is it restricted to yacto builds only?

I should add that I’m referring to using the pinout design tool. There’s been some “discussion” here at the office that changing an unused IO pin to GPIO would be a big hassle with the Torizon build - looking for a solution that won’t take 40 hours to complete - if it exists. We need the Torizon build and cannot revert to anything else.

I had a similar discussion about configuring a pin as GPIO when it was not set that way by dedault in the Torizon image. That discussion is here

I was able to get this to work and I can now drive that GPIO pin, but it wasn’t an easy process as I had to edit the device tree and rebuilld it. Toradex are planning to use device tree overlays to make this easier in the future I haven’t been able to get that to work yet though and so I am still editing the device tree directly.

Yes this is still mostly the case currently. There will be a more clear story when the stable release of Torizon comes (currently planned for end of this year).