Configure Fixed IP Address

Some questions left …

After installing WEC2013, I can move the iMX7 module from the eval board to my IRIS board and start developing? I prefere headless Operation, cause my target System didnt offer any kbd/mouse/Display, so how can I use the GUI? I have heard the RNDIS is an Option, but I cant get any Connection using the Default address, even when I temporarely disabled the fire wall of my PC.

I also prefere fixed IP adresses to easily find my modul, is there any Chance to set the IP address?

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Hi @Grehard

You can enter a fixed IP address through the control panel:

  • START → Settings → Control Panel → [Network and Dial-up Connections] → [ENET1]

Here you can enter the fixed IP. It will be stored in the registry.

To make the changes permanent over a reboot, you need to save the registry:

  • START → Programs → ColibriTools → SaveReg

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy, I am using Colibri imx6ull 256 mb and Voila rev 1.2 carrier board. I want to change the default configuration of USB RNDIS to fixed ip address so to install the images on Ubuntu host machine.