Configure display in bootloader menu on VF61

I connected EDT display ET043080DH6 (WQVGA 480*272) to my Colibri Evaluation Board 3.2 with VF61 V1.2A module and I’ve already successfully configured it under WinCE6.
Now I’d like to configure the same display in the bootloader.
I found some documentation on how to proceed using ConfigBlockEdito, but based on here I can’t use it because it doesn’t support VFxx.
So I think the only way is to use the bootloader menu to configure the Splash Screen Config Block as described here. But I’m not 100% I understood how to use the commands setconfig, saveconfig and/or clearconfig.
I entered the bootloader command prompt and I enter the following commands:

setconfig ss.width 480
setconfig ss.height 272
setconfig ss.bpp 32
setconfig ss.pclk 8640000
setconfig ss.hsw 10
setconfig ss.blw 2
setconfig ss.elw 2
setconfig ss.vsw 10
setconfig ss.bfw 2
setconfig ss.efw 2
setconfig ss.hsp 0
setconfig ss.vsp 0
setconfig ss.pcp 0
setconfig ss.oep 0
saveconfig ss

In this way I’m not able to change the display settings used by the bootloader.
Could you help me explaining how to use the bootloader menu commandsin detail, please?

Basically when you enter boot loader and press X for console your should write →

set ss
This will print out current settings of splash screen.

Than you can use
set ss.width 1024
to set width for example.

When you are setting this up just type: save ss and it will save settings.

I did what you suggested and I set the same settings that work under WinCE 6, but during the boot phase the messages are shown on the external VGA screen (with the resultion I set for my LVDS panel).
The LVDS panel is not used during the boot.
Is there a different command to set the bootloader so that it uses LVDS instead of external VGA?

Can you type: set ss
inside bootloader and send me the configuration you are using.


Where did you get this settings? Can you type clear ss and reboot

I tried to guess the settings looking to the the datasheed of EDT display ET043080DH6 (WQVGA 480*272) and to this page in Toradex website.
I can’t be sure they’re the right ones, but the display works in WinCE 6.
After clear ss the settings are reset back to a standard VGA 640x480 display.

Can you provide the right settings for EDT display ET043080DH6?

Do you have news on the right settings for EDT display ET043080DH6?

Can you please upload the datasheet you are using to for this display. We will look into it tomorrow and call you or answer here.

I’ve just uploaded it