Configuration for display RK043FN55HS

I spent a whole day trying to setup bootloader and Win CE to properly drive display Rocktech RK043FN55HS (see attached datasheet).
Could someone help me finding the proper settings?


Could you download and import the registry. if it doesn’t work, please alternate the polarity of HSP, VSP.


I tested your settings but they don’t work.

After deeper investigation I was able to have this display working with these settings, but only if I set them in the bootloader.

If I change the settings in the registry on Win CE6, and I press SaveReg, nothing changes.

It seems that configuration in the bootloader overwrites configuration in Win CE6 registry.

If the display works in the bootloader, it works in Win CE6 too (independently on the settings in the registry). If it doesn’t work in the bootloader, it doesn’t work in Win CE6.

Is this an expected behavior?

There is a registry setting called “UseSplashScreenSettings” do you set this one to 1? If yes then settings from registry are not used.


I missed this parameter; it’s set to 1, but based on this page this is the default value for VFxx.

Moreover I cannot modify it in the registry with error

Can’t query value ‘UseSplashSettings’



Did you reset the board or close the registry editor and try once again? When you are editing registry through the remote display, please be a little patient to edit the registry. There might be a slow response to remote display screen update.

let us know if you still face the issue?

Resetting the board fixed the issue.