Communication is delayed when used cp210x driver in Toradex T20, but imx6 works fine

Dear Support Team,

I have an application having to communicate via USB to Serial.
Driver used is Cp210x.
Packet interval is 10ms.
Baud rate 1000000.
When used with Colibri imx6 SOC the Communication layer is ok with no packet loss or delay in receiving.
but when ported the code to Colibri T20 , there are packet loss.

Can anyone suggest me the solution and what might be the problem.

Attaching the comm initialise function.

link text

Could you please provide more details?

  • Colibri T20,512MB IT HW version?
  • WinCE and its BSP version?
  • Which exactly Cp210x driver you are using?
  • Minimal but complete test program project to reproduce it locally.