Common U-boot and DTB for iMx dual and solo

Currently we have a hardware based on iMx6 Dual, now we are making a different flavour of the same HW by just replacing the Dual with Solo processor (all other HW components are same). On checking the data sheet i see that dual and solo are pin compatible, can i have a common U-boot image and DTB file for both hardwares? If so what are the things i should take care in U-boot and DTB?

The idea is to have single linux image for both HW variants.


I assume you mean DualLite vs. Solo (Colibri iMX6DL vs. Colibri iMX6S).
(The i.MX 6Solo is only available on the Colibri formfactor, the i.MX 6Dual only on Apalis)

Actually our demo images do not make any difference in U-Boot, Device Tree and rootfs.
After flashing U-Boot we execute the U-Boot cmd patch_ddr_size which takes care of the 64bit vs. 32 bit wide DDR data bus width.