Color artifacts on colibri imx8x

Hi. I have install reference-multimedia-image (5.2.0 + build.7 2021-04-08) from online and get color artifacts on display (see below). Also i’ve tried to build from source (linux 5.4-2.3.x-imx), but nothing changed. Can you help me?



Dear @shkipper12 ,

Could you please send us the output of dmesg ? And could you also please tell us, which exact display are you using?

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Hi @saijanani.tx, thank you for reply. Here is the dmesg log file.
Problem appears with Philips Monitor over VGA and Mitsubishi LCD AA123AF01 over dts. Here is the settings i use

  •  /* mitsu display timings */
     clock-frequency = <80000000>;
     	hactive = <1920>;
     hback-porch = <0>;
     hfront-porch = <0>;
     hsync-len = <64>;
     vactive = <720>;
     vback-porch = <0>;
     vfront-porch = <0>;
     vsync-len = <4>;
             pixelclk-active = <0>;

All works fine with Col IMX6DL, IMX6ULL, but not with IMX8X

What exact software versions of things are you talking about? This should have been fixed e.g. in this month’s monthly release #10.

Hi @marcel.tx , I’ve currently moved to last commit toradex-manifest.git - Repo manifest for Toradex Embedded Linux TorizonCore and BSP layer setup for Yocto Project/Openembedded

Hi @shkipper12, Do you still see the issue?

Hi @jaski.tx, i have only built custom image with custom display and the problem is still here. Here is my dts patch for display link text.

Could you please enter you Philips monitor’s menu and check its current resolution? Looks like it’s doing a picture scaling,

Hi, actually I checked the kernel (Linux colibri-imx8x 5.4.91-5.2.0+git.6afb048a71e3) used by the image 5.2.0+build.7 (dunfell). And there a VGA screen is showing the correct output. Could you check without changing the devicetree if you see a clear picture?

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Hi @jaski.tx. I’ve built the ref image and there is no more such artifacts on VGA disaplay. Then i’ve moved dts overlays to just a patch and it is also working good. But it’s not work properly with my Mitsubishi LCD. If i just changed timings (patch1) i see black sreen, if i change adma_lcdif to display_lcdif in dts (patch2) the display is working, but with artifacts

Thanks for this information. You said that your Mitusbishi LCD is working with Colibri iMX6ULL and Colibri iMX6, could you share the devicetree changes there too?

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There is my patch for imx6dl.
Thanks for help

Hi @shkipper12

Thanks for the patch, I will try your patch on iMX8X. I need to find a display with similar resolution as yours.

Hi @henrique.tx, thanks for update, ref image works fine with vga display

Nice, @shkipper12 !

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Hi @shkipper12

With a Colibri IMX8DX 1GB V1.0D and Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2B using the VGA output:

  • Reference Multimedia Image 5.2.0+build.7 showed problems just like your photos on two different monitors.
  • Reference Multimedia Image 5.3.0+build.10 showed no problems.

Can you try with 5.3.0?