Collibri T30 touch screen display every so often goes white; Only restart fixes the issue

We are running a Colibri T30 on an Iris Carrier board. The unit is running Windows Embedded 7. It is attached to a color graphical display with a 4 wire resistive touchscreen. The display and touchscreen are the same ones we have used for several years with a different SBC running Windows CE 6.0. We also log every second on a USB drive the status of the system from our software we have loaded on the system so we know if our software is fully functional.

The problem we have is the display every so often goes white. Basically we are just seeing the backlight, nothing else. The touchscreen is also non-responsive, yet if we look at the log we clearly see our software running fine. Has anyone else experienced this? We can power down and back up and the system runs fine for days but then will go back to the white screen issue. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

@shakil: Did you once check the debug outptut? Please enable the debug output once and check if you see any output when this issue happens.
Which image version are you currently using (V1.4, V2.0 beta 4, …)?

I never checked with debug output option. But, Unit is running during white screen happen.
We store all the logs in text file. It seems application software has no problem.

Image version: version 1.4 (CE 7.0);
Hardware version: Colibri Tegra(T30),
Display connector: LVDS Connector in Irish Carrier Board
Issue: Screen shows white screen randomly when the application running 24/7


Was this fixed ?

@lukasz138: We never got feedback whether this was fixed.

If you have a similar issue, it is probably the best to open a new question - this kind of problems are often related to special properties of a particular display, such as required power sequencing.

The touch part of the display can be ignored. The touch is electrically isolated from the visible part of the display assembly.