Collibri T20 Hangs- when Flash Memory is Full V1.4

My application keeps on writing data in Flash disc where the application is also stored. When the Flash about to reach its FULL CAPACITY of 512MB -Flash , I start deleting the Older files , to free the memory and storing the new data.

During this process, when the delete and new data update happens, my application runs very slow. ( Slow touch screen response, Erratic Audio output , - ADC, DAC gets affected - ).

Can anyone give me a solution on these problem faced by me.

First of all I want to point out that is not a very good idea to use the FlashDisk as a storage you write very often (log files, …). On the Colibri T20 there is a single level cell flash with a lifetime of 60k write cycles. So, after writing 60k times the whole flash size the chance to have non repairable flash blocks is getting higher.

How ever, we tried to reproduce your issue on a exactly the same module without success, we have not seen any delays. Could it be your application runs into a issue and blocks the system if it the storage is full? Please also enable once the debug output in and log what outputs you get when the issue appears.

thanks for your answer Mr.Samuel.
Actually, we are using the Flash memory as our main resource of memory. The 60K write cycle is really a good input, But how do you give this information?

Hi samuel,
The application loads very slowly in sl. no.788 board and the same application loads faster in sl.117 board.
I have checked the serial debug message. There is one line extra executed in the slow loading board sl. 788.
AX88772B: instantiate [AX88772B1]
and there are some minor variations before the application launch.
After the application launch, both boards are showing same messages what is intended to. attached both the files.
link text

@Gopal: I will create a new ticket for this question. Please check this one: