Colibri with Speaker Output

Dear Sirs,

We are developing an equipment with the Colibri iMX6DL, an HMI - similar to a tablet for industrial applications.

We are already finalizing the project to begin production in the coming year.

However, I have a problem with finding the right alternative for integrating a Speaker with the Colibri. In fact, in choosing a circuit for amplifying the output signal of the Colibri.

I’ve done two different PCIs, with 2 different amplifiers (Texas LM4864 and Maxim MAX98307).

In both cases, I use pin 15 (SODDIM 15 - Headphone_L) as output from the Colibri for sound, and I plug this pin into the input of the amplification circuit. In both cases, the volume leaving the Speaker is very low.

Do not need a loyalty or a higher sound quality, just need a high volume to generate warnings / alerts in machines cabins.

Is it possible for someone to share which solution was found for this type of application? Or maybe the connection on this Headphone output is correct?

Thank you for your attention,

Daniel Martins :::

Did you try to feed any of your variants not from Colibri output but from other sound source like mp3 player or phone?