Colibri VF61 Writebcb erasing blocks only 2 sectors


This is a duplicate of an identical community Post.

I have followed the following URL for recovery mode,

I am getting an error while executing command “flashimage nk6.bin”. The error is as follows, “Error reading block 5” and “Error saving config”.

Done with eraseflash, writebcb, restorefactory, and finally flashloader. As mentioned in above article, if we are executing command >flashloader, It will erase the blocks 1,2 and 3. But in my device it is erasing only 1st and 2nd blocks. Does it related to the problem what I am facing?


The number of erased blocks depends on the location and the process used to write the loader, this is not an error.

Then what could be the solution for flashimage nk6.bin error?