Colibri VF61, SODIMM_45 GPIO pin not working

Iris Board X16 Connector, Pin No. 20, SODIMM_45(GPIO)

C# Code :
uIo p; = 32; = 45;
VybGpio_ConfigureAsGpio(hGpio, p);
VybGpio_SetDir(hGpio, p, tIoDirection.ioOutput);
VybGpio_SetLevel(hGpio, p, tIoLevel.ioHigh);

//Other Gpio Pins are working fine for both inputs and outputs Ex. SODIMM 98, 133, 103, etc.

What should be done to make sodimm 45 work, please let know

Do you use the latest version? There was issue in one of the beta versions that PIN45 was used as debug and could not be used properly.

its is the same to me. in the test application its flash, in my application still high.

I just tested with with latest image and sample application I wrote. Can you try and run with this code. →