Colibri VF61 Screen Tilted

I Cold Booted a Colibri VF61 device using Update Tool, when it restarted the screen was tilted 90 degrees and mouse and icons were out of sync. I have to click somewhere else to make actual icon getting selected. How can I come out of it. Due to this problem, I cannot even type anything or set an ip address.

Any help would be highly appreciated

Display tool (for Colibri Vybrid) can be used to rotate the display. Please use the web-link below:

I tried using the display tool, editing the registry does change the resolution, but now I cannot see the display on the screen. Although if I connect via Remote Display Tool I can view on my PC. But remote display tool hangs up whenever a dialog is opened, so really cannot bring back to the state it was. Any suggestions?

Did you try to erase the registry? Did you maybe change some display settings inside bootloader?