Colibri VF61 resistive touch not working

We are using Colibri Iris Plus carrier board, VF61 256MB IT,WINCE6.0 and 7 inch display with resistive touch panel (from Toradex,too). We have got the display part working but the resistive touch panel does not. The mouse cursor disappears,when i touch the screen,but thats all. Control Panel-Recalibrate does not detect any input.

We tested some different systems:
Colibri IMX6,Iris Plus,7’’ resistive screen : works (same as using with VF61)

Colibri IMX6,Iris Plus,7’’ EDT screen : works

Colibri IMX6,Iris,7’’ EDT screen : works

Colibri VF61,Iris Plus,7’’ EDT screen : does not work

Colibri VF61,Iris,7’’ EDT screen : does not work

So the the problem is somewhere about the VF61 card,but i have no idea,what could i do.

Dear @krcsaba
Resistive touch panels require analog measurements to be operated. It is probably one of the configuration settings that need to be optimized to make the touch work correctly. Maybe there’s too much noise on the signals (e.g. if you use a long cable), or the timings for the measurements are not long enough.

  1. That you see the mouse cursor disappear is already a positive sign and shows that pressing the touch is recognized by the touch driver.

  2. The next test I recommend is to draw a rectangle on the CE6 desktop: press-and-drag should show a dotted rectangle. Is it in the wrong position only? Does it jitter while you keep your finger in a constant position (this would explain why the calibration tool does not accept the input)?

  3. A common reason for jitter is that the signals don’t stabilize before measurement. This can be verified by measuring the four touch signals with an oscilloscope while pressing on the screen. You don’t need to understand the precise waveform, but watch if the signals come to a stable DC level, before they change again.
    The settling time and some other parameters can be adjusted in the registry. Please refer to the corresponding developer page article for details.about the VF61 touch settings

After you modified the registry, and after you recalibrated the touch screen, you need to save the registry in order to make your changes permanent.