Colibri VF61 custom board with dual ethernet and CODEC (SGTL5000)

Dear friends,

I developed and printed a custom board for Collibri VF61, I mainly used ideas from altium files provided for IRIS board.
But I added a second ethernet (KSZ8851) and a second CODEC (SGTL5000) to my custom board.

I used the provided dual-eth devicetree example to get the second ethernet available. I can see the fec0 and fec1 both in my system. (Now can only use fec0 but I think I will solve that problem soon)

My question is :
For using the SGTL via SAI3/I2C2 my chematic is as attached file. Now I need an extension on my DEVICETREE. Could you please provide me information on how can I prepare the devicetree. A ready made devicetree will be very very very very helpful. (P.S. : I already added the SGTL5000 to my kernel)

A brief summary of the picture is as follows :

X1 Pin ----------CPU Port Name----------Alternate Function Name ----------SGTL5000PIN_Name

====----------============ ----------===============----------=============


192----------PTA26----------SAI3_TX_BCLK---------- I2S_SCLK(15)





107----------PTD27----------I2C2_SDA ---------- CTRL_DATA(18)

Baris DINC
Onur Engineering

this is my pinout and connection for the CODEC…

can anybody provide a DEVICETREE approach/solution ?

We don’t provide customer specific customization under our free support… We might be able to do that under paid support if required.

However, it shouldn’t be too hard since you already worked with the dual Ethernet device tree. I recommend having a close look at the Device Tree Customization article first to get used to the data structure and how it links pinctrl nodes etc…

Our Colibri iMX7 module has a SGTL5000 on the module. While it is not the same SoC, its device tree might still help to get you an example showing how the driver bindings have to be used.

There will also be a webinar about device tree customization next week: