Colibri VF50 stuck on starting associating phase


I’m trying to install Windows CE on a VF50 Colibri Carrier Board but after hours of trying it is now stuck in

starting associating phase

when I try to write vybrid_eboot.conf to it using imx_uart.exe. I noticed I get this message even with the serial-cable disconnected so there is nothing going on I expect. I have done this today many times (because I can’t get the OS Image flashed and had to start over and over again) and it worked fine every time, so I’m sure the serial connection is OK and I’m enabling recovery-mode correctly.

It really looks like the device is dead however the lights are still on.

I solved it… by rebooting my PC.
Of course I tried disconnecting all cables and leave the module off for a about a minute, but I guess the USB-to-serial adapter hang.