Colibri VF 61 not booting after OS update

This is a duplicate of an identical community post.

I have updated the OS with nk7 image file. After that it is not booting. What could be the reason, and how to overcome this problem?


You can recover the non booting module using recovery mode.
Please go through the below link for your reference.

I had the same problem some months ago; in my case I had an external board connected to Evaluation Board and I had to disconnect everything.

See here


We have followed the above article, the command “>flashloader” throwing an error like “Error initializing SDHC1”.

The message says that there is no readable SD card inserted into the SD card slot, or the file eboot.img was not found on the card.


I have done the flashloader by inserting the memory card. But while loading flashimage it is throwing an error “Error reading block 5” and “Error saving config”.