Colibri T30 SPI

Is it possible to disable (or change pin) the CS line on any SPI port. I have tried to disable it by initialise it to ‘-1’ like to spilib.h file suggests but when I run the program it fails to initialize the SPI port. I also tried a different pin number and it fails also. In Native C code.
If I initialize it to pin 86 port 1, it works ok.
I using WEC 8.0 with VS2013.


I quickly tested with the following configuration:

tSpiPinConfiguration conf;
conf.ClkSodimmPin = 88;
conf.MISOSodimmPin = 90;
conf.MOSISodimmPin = 92;
conf.CSSodimmPin = -1;

It worked fine. Are you using the latest SPI library version? If you still have issues, please provide us a small sample project, that let us reproduce the issue. Also mention, which library package version you are using.