Colibri T30 on Iris carrier board

On the website Iris carrier board is recommended for the Colibri family.

At first glance it appears that only a single gpio pin is available on the X16 connector when Colibri T30 is plugged in on the Iris Carrier board.

SODIMM_85 → gpio 171

Seems odd. Is this correct?

Should I be using Colibri T20 with the Iris Carrier board? Or do I need a different carrier board for Colibri T30 to have access to more gpio pins?

I’m unsure as to why you do come to that conclusion. All our modules allow pretty much any pin to be used as a GPIO really. May I recommend you having a look at our Pinout Designer Tool for more information about various pin muxing options available.

I looked at the link above under Colibri T30. For the Colibri T20, many more gpios are brought to the X16 connector on the Iris board.

I wasn’t aware of the Pinout Designer Tool. I don’t recall it mentioned on the Iris carrier board documentation. Thanks for the information.