Colibri T30 is very hot

Hello Toradex Community,

I have a heat problem regarding the Colibri T30.

The processor is cooled with a heat sink.

I have a CPU temperature of 50 ° when idle (23 °).

At an ambient temperature of 40 ° I have a CPU temperature of 80 °

The processor is in idle doing nothing but still the temperature is so high.

How can I lower the CPU temperature?

I disabled DFS and entered a lower CPU power but this has very little effect (1 °).

I use the standard image of Toradex 2.0 and 2.1beta2.

Many thanks for your help

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With the 2.1Beta2 it is possible to lower the temp quit a bit more then 1 °.
With the latest build it seems the EMC clk is set to 400 MHz. This generate a lot of heat.
Lower it to 266 MHz helps a lot and disabling cores also do help.

See this thread: link text

There is an attached excel sheet in the thread.
There I have measured the temperatures with various settings. My test was done without any heat-sink


@TJO: Thanks for sharing this.

Hello Toradex Team,

many thanks for your help.

I have tested several Colibri T30 devices on the power supply.

One unit had a consumption of 2W with another one had a consumption of 1.25W.

Why is it that the devices fluctuate so strongly from the consumption?

2W is unfortunately too much for our application, we need the 1.25W.

What can I do to reduce the power consumption to 1.25W, the above tips have not helped.

Many thanks for your help.

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Hello Toradex Team,

I have compared the board with low power consumption with the board with high power consumption.

I noticed that in the Colibri monitor certain settings are different.

CPU: 500MHz should be: 216MHz
SYS: 100MHz should be: 36MHz
AVP: 100MHz should be: 36MHz
AHB: 100MHz should be: 36MHz
APB: 25 MHz should be: 25 MHz
VID: 408 MHz should be: 408 MHz
EMC: 266MHz should be: 266MHz

Would be very nice if you can give me a guidance as I can change the settings accordingly.
Furthermore, it would be helpful for me to know what the lowest possible value is.

Many thanks for your help.

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Se the answer above. There I Link to where you can see how to lower the EMC clk.

Lower the EMC gives a lot on the heat issue.

Hello TJO,

thanks for your comment it helps me very much. The CPU heat is reduced like you said.

But my problem is the high power consumption.

But I think I have to make an other Thread.

Thank you very much.

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@Saphymo ,

@TJO helped you for CPU heat issue. Please generate another question for high power consumption, we will address you on that.