Colibri T30 hangs

After some time of work, the T30 hangs. There is a white screen on the DVI output and the T30 stops working.

Sometimes the ADC reading stops working only.
I noticed that the effect appears when I perform a quick restart of Iris mainboard and T30.
Please help.

Today I discovered that when I connect the laptop by the micro usb port of the iris mainboard and then remove it, then also the t30 work stops. When I connect again then the t30 continue work.

The Colibri T30 is quite a powerful CPU. Without cooling, it can easily overheat and cause a thermal shutdown.

With Image V2.0bis we increased the default RAM frequency from 533MHz to 800MHz which increased the performance, but also the power consumption. To revert this, download the latest Update tool.
Use it to flash the file default_533.bct, which is part of the Update tool download package.

Compared to other CPUs, the T30 CPU is very sensitive to temperature - its power consumption increases massively with increasing temperature.