Colibri t20 device ofter power on lan communication not working for remote display v3

we are using tegra wince 1.4 image in colibri t20, first connect with Lan we are able to connect remote view on pc but once device off and on its not communicate. once again unplug and plugin lan cable its communicate .

and in some time i am in remote connection automatically disconnect and not able to reconnect.

I quickly tried to reproduce this on the 2.0 beta 4 image.

  • Put required folders to device (autocopy and autorun in \FlashDisk, as described here) to start the tool automatically
  • Booting device with not Ethernet connection
  • Connect Ethernet cable
  • Connect Remote Display
  • Reboot device
  • Connect Remote Display

The remote display connected properly in all cases. I also tried to unplug / plug the cable and it worked fine as well.

Please also try once with 2.0 beta 4. You can get the image from here. Probably also the reconnect issue you have seen is linked with the disconnect issue you have seen. This issue is probably related to Issue 15455 documented on the roadmap. This was solved in 2.0 beta 2.