Colibri imx8x - i2c0_mipi_lvds pin bit fields query


“MIPI_DSI1_I2C0_SDA” and “MIPI_DSI1_I2C0_SCL” have bits 31 and 30 set to 1 (0xc6000020) in imx8x-colibri.dtsi . That’s ok (I believe) but I’m just curious why that is. Those settings allow programming to mux control and pad control. These bits are only set for pinctrl of i2c0_mipi_lvds0 & i2c0_mipi_lvds1 . Is there any specific reason?

Hello @ManojS,
Sorry for the delay answering. This is a good question and I’ve asked some colleagues, but no one could really point out the reason why it is like this. The only thing we know is that this is not a Toradex implementation, it already comes like this from the device trees of the evaluation boards on the NXP BSP, and we don’t have any reason to touch it.
Maybe it would be worth it to try and ask the same question on the NXP community and see if they can give you a better answer.

Best regards,
Rafael Beims