Colibri iMX8X Details

Further to my question here and roman’s very informative and helpful answer, I’ve been considering the use of the upcoming Colibri iMX8X platform for my embedded device.

The issue I have at the moment, is needing to purchase a Toradex module and evaluation board to continue development, but not knowing timeframes and costs of the upcoming iMX8X modules. If the Colibri module is still 6+ months away and is going to cost €150+, then I’d buy an Apalis iMX6 Quad and Apalis evaluation board today. If however, the Colibri iMX8X module is only a month away and is going to be <€150, I’d buy the Colibri evaluation board today and wait for the new module.

I’ve signed up to the iMX8X announcements, but was hoping for some further information in the meantime to help in my decision making.


@roman.tx I see in /all that you’ve added a comment to this question, but I can’t actually see any comment from you on this post?

@jars121, I just made an internal note to the ticket and asked our product management to answer your question. Unfortunately this internal note was also changing the public status of the ticket.
Please give us some time to get back with our answer. Thanks.

No worries at all, thanks for explaining!


The Colibri iMX8X is currently still in a quite early development stage. The release timeline goal is currently Q3 2018, correlating to the NXP timeline. Therefore, the Sample availability of this module will still need about 4-6 months of time.

About the price I cannot yet help you at the moment, I’m sorry. However, as you have signed up for updates already, you’ll be informed as soon as we have interesting news to share reg. timeline or pricing. We’ll be making sure to keep you updated through these channels.

I hope this helps you for making your decision.

Best, Stefan

Thank you for the update Stefan, you’ve given me all in the information I need. I can’t wait 4-6 months for a sample, and the Colibri DualLite probably doesn’t have the performance I’m after, so I’ll buy an Apalis Quad and Apalis Evaluation board in the meantime to continue development. Thanks!