Colibri imx7S v.1.1A boot problem

I wanted to flash u-boot on Colibri imx7S v.1.1A with Viola Plus V1.2B following instruction on:
Flashing Embedded Linux to iMX7 Modules
All steps until 4 are doing fine, but I cannot run ‘update’ command because ‘update’ script is not defined.
Earlier when I run ‘setupdate’ command I get following note:

NOTE: The U-Boot provided with this BSP version does not support the
early tapeout/stepping of i.MX 7 used on your module. You still can
update the kernel/device-tree/rootfs manually using:

run prepare_ubi && run update_kernel && run update_fdt && run update_rootfs

I don’t know what to do with this - u-boot is not writing itself to NAND flash and every time I need to load it by -d command.

Could you try to use a Toradex Easy Installer ( and flash a Linux image? U-Boot should be flashed as well.