Colibri iMX7D epdc


Does the Colibri iMX7D support driving a EPDC screen?

I saw that the processor has epdc driving capabilities but it was a bit unclear to me if all the pins necessary for driving the screen are made available from the module or can be remapped on available pins.

Thank you in advance

The Colibri iMX7D in the Toradex web shop will not support EPDC since it uses an iMX7 part without EPDC.

However, our early samples of the iMX7D used the SoC part with EPDC and we plan to continue to produce this variant. So, yes, there is a variant of the Colibri iMX7D with EPDC which we expect to maintain into the future. It will require changing the standard pinout of the module. We have not tested the interface ourselves nor do we officially support the interface in our BSPs; but we have a customer already employing EPDC with Colibri iMX7D in their prototypes.

The pinout for EPDC is listed in the Colibri iMX7 datasheet as well as in the pinout designer tool.

Please contact your local Toradex office to discuss in more detail.

Thank you for your prompt answer. Cheers

After 2 years, what is the current situation now?
Which carrier board also support EPDC interface?
Does both Colibri iMX7 Dual 1GB and 512MB support EPDC?
If supported, can i buy in the Toradex web shop?


@kemal, there is no official EPDC support from Toradex. It’s also not implemented on any of our standard carrier boards. If you are interested in a Colibri iMX7D module variant with EPDC support, please write an email to mentioning your project details, e.g. project schedule, expected volumes, etc. We can then check if there are any options. Please refer to this community conversation in the email.