Colibri imx7 Ubi partitions

I’ve successfully booted from sd card qt5 openembedded image and i was looking to load kernel, device tree and m4 firmware to ubi nand partition.
Looking at boot variables i’ve found the kernel loadaddress, and through this forum and other docs i got m4 load address.
I wonder how to replicate the ubi partitions i’ve found in various Toradex docs like ubi0_0, ubi0_1, ubi0_2 beacause my system doesn’t have such a scheme on ubi.
If i look from linux at /dev/ i get only /dev/ubi_ctrl.
Could someone give me address and dimensions of every sub-ubi partitions?

Last openembedded image, linux bsp 2.7b4.

Using your from dev machine i got an ubifs image updated to nand flash through u-boot.
Maybe i can get same result without preparing an image digging better on actual addresses.

There is no such thing as an UBI partition. There are MTD partitions, and you can display them using the mtdparts command in U-Boot or looking at /proc/mtd.

One of the MTD partition is used by UBI, and UBI contains multiple volumes. However, there is no fix allocation
of blocks to a UBI volume, the UBI layer manages that (since assignment can change during lifetime due to wear leveling and bad block management).

You can use the ubi* tools in Linux or ubi command in U-Boot to check/manipulate UBI volumes.

Replicating from one device to another is not the typical/supported approach to (re)produce modules. The OpenEmbedded build system should allow to alter and build (reproducibly) complete embedded Linux images. The U-Boot scripts then create the UBI volumes and write the artifacts into them.