Colibri iMX7 fail to start after registry change

We have changed graphics settings from 640x480 to 480x272 to fit our display, following all recommended settings in registry. After that Colibri does not start anymore, stopping at “OEMLaunch…”. Clearing the registry from the bootloader does not help. COM-port debug shows the following:

DMA Wait timeout!
GPMI_DEBUG2 = 0xfaf140.
GPMI_DEBUG3 = 0x8700000.
ERROR: c:\wince700\platform\toradeximx7\src\common\nand\core\cspnand.c line 661:
 Failed Read cs=0, sector=0x9c00

Hi Victor,

Could you please try and disable multicore. In bootloader type

set pex.mpenable 0
save pex

this will disable multicore. We are working on more permanent solution now.

Thanks, this helped.
Does this setting reduce functionality?
And what shall I do next - keep it disabled, update or…?

For now please keep it disabled. We are working on it. I will let you know when we have fix it.

Currently you disable 1 core so you lose some performance on multicore operations.

We have found the issue. Its in loading of ENET driver that some descriptors get overwritten.

We will publish this to 1.2b4 version.

You can follow our roadmap here to see when we will release it. I expect it to be available soon.