Colibri iMX6ULL with BT/Wifi - non-development usage

We need a module with a BT/Wifi on-board solution for a new product and the “Colibri iMX6ULL 512MB Wi-Fi / Bluetooth” module looks like a suitable choice for us. However at the bottom of the webpage there is a tiny note which states that this module is for development usage only. What does this exactly mean? Are there software/hardware issues or certification problems?

Hi @qojote

The Colibri iMX6ULL is still in sample status. It is possible that the Wifi module will change in the future. Therefore we don’t recommend it for mass production at the moment. Also the certificates for the modules are missing. However you can use it for development and later switch to the volume production type. If the module changes its state to volume product the certificates will be available.