Colibri IMX6ULL SOM reboots after running command poweroff on ssh BSP2.8B6

I am working on Colibri IMX6ULL with 256MB V1.1A device. I have customized OS using bsp2.8b6(without graphical interface) and its working from last 3-4 years. Now I have observed issue : Whenever power off ( “poweroff”) command is run over shh the device reboots. Expected to go into the power down mode but found to be reboot.
I have also flash device with reference image from bsp2.8b6 but, still the issue persist.
The customized OS and reference OS found to be working with other devices properly for power off command usage.
Also I have flashed IMX6ULL device with latest OS from 6.0.0 & 6.3.0 on this two particular module, on power off the device not getting restarted, So the issue is seems to be resolved with updated OS.

But we are still using bsp2.8b6, and other devices found to be working with this bsp2.8 no reboot issue found but these two devices are found to be restarted issue
Below are the serial numbers details of modules.

  1. 07250746 - power off command not working with this module
  2. 06823473 - power off command not working with this module
  3. 06396478 - power off command Working with this module( For reference)

So, I just want to know that is there any hardware changes done on above not working module?
Please let me know suggestions if any

Hi @MIPL ,

All three modules belong to the same hardware version (00361100) i.e Colibri iMX6ULL 256MB V1.1A.
So, there is no hadware difference among these three modules. You can further check revision history here
However they were purchased on diferent dates.
07250746 ( 2022)
06823473 (2021)
06396478 (2020).

I tested at my end and was not able to reproduce the issue with BSP 2.8b6/2.8b7.

Here is what we can do further

  1. Test more modules with the same date of purchase as the non working one
  2. Share debug logs (logs after you issue a rebot command from ssh terminal), you can connect UART_A and get the debug logs. Check connections here
  3. Please do not create multiple support requests for the same issue

As per your suggestions we have tested some other modules with same purchase date as the non working one, and found no issue with other modules.
Also I am sharing debug logs of working as well as non working modules. Please, let me know suggestions if any
07250746_Notworking_module_logs_.txt (28.7 KB)
07250744_Working_module_logs_.txt (5.0 KB)

I would recommed you to use the latest image because the issue is not reproducable there or
submit RMA form so that we can test the module at our end