Colibri Imx6ULL beginer questions


We made 8 years ago for our customer a board based on the NXP Kinetis K70. This target was run with MQX (4.2) and we used PEG lite to create display graphical.

Now, our customer want upgrade this board. It is a big market for us (600 to 800 pcs a years)

But our customer no want make a total re design. So he want keep MQX (5.0 with license fees).
Use Nxp FreeRtos could be done, but: This will make a change for our customer. And in addition, It not seems the SDK include the Full stack TCP/IP, USB, Flash File system…
The Linux base seems be a good solution, but either me and our customer has computer under Linux.
In addition, a total software re design is too expensive…

We take a look on the Colibri iMx6ULL board.

In this context, I have some questions.

  • Could you confirm MQX 5.0 work on this target (TCP/IP full stack, USB Stack, MFS stack…)
  • Could you confirm we can devellop with IDE MCUExpresso?
  • Some Colibri has Wifi capability: Is MQX has ready driver for this?
  • I will ask to PEG, but maybe I Can have a response here: Is Peg has ScreenDriver for imx6 target? or must we write it? (Driver is only in charge to copy the “RAM” data to the graphical controler RAM whic represent Pixel data…)
  • Is existing an “USB key” Bootloader for this board?
  • Currently I use the P&E micro tool for debug probe and Gange programer on Kinetis K70 (Pe Micro Multilink Fx and Cyclone universal FX). It seem Imx6 is not supported. Do you have some third part which provide debug Probe and Gang progarmer for this target (Via JTAG pad on the colibri board)

-If I understand, the IMx6 not inlcude many flash into it core. This is why teh colibri add this external flash… I’m not very familiar to this, but it is run exactly like if the flash was included into the chip? (On the JTag probe and gang programer point of view)


Hello Arnaud-Girard,

we do not have support for the MQX if you want to go that way you would be on yourself implementing it.
With our modules we are talikng about MPUs not MCU.
MQX is an old system the better way would be to move to linux.
With torizon we created a easy to use Linux based OS that makes it easy for customers to move to linux.
If you want we can setup a zoom call and check how we can help you.

Best Regards,



Nxp support said me MQX is supported on IMX6.
What could be the difference on the Colibri board based on Imx6? (which will explain why Nxp said MQX is usable on Imx6 and you said Colibri is not compatible)

You are right, MQX is an old system. But our customer no want restart from scratch. Our team and our customer team’s does not have Linux system and big skills on it.

I’m asking many question like:

  • How step by step debug is done with linux?
  • Which JTag probe is compatible?
  • Can we devellop with IDE under windows? (Like Nxp MCUExpresso we compile with this IDE and the provided compiler, then we load image to the flash and debug…)
  • According some topic and video, it seem to need many linux command to setup the environnement, compile etc… It seems not very friendly use like integrated IDE where we just need to click on one button to compile and one other to load image?
  • It’s done pretty much same way as application debugging on desktop machines
  • JATG is compatible but you don’t need it for application debugging.
  • Yes you can use Visual Studio Code, or Visual Studio


Thank for all of this information.

I not found any topics or tutorial, video to use the toradex under Windows.
Are existing a complete quick start guide to:

  • Create a “very simple” projet with Torizon (i.e make toggle a single pin into a task…)
  • Compile it
  • Load it into the target
  • Execute it an debug step by step.

And into a second step:

  • Add the graphical capability by creating a simple “Hello word” displayed on the LCD display

All these under window



please check the quickstart guide. Quickstart Guide - Toradex
There you can select you SOM , OS and host maschine. you can select windows there.

Best Regards,

I will check that.

But my target was the Imx6ULL.
It seems only Yocto project on Linux is available for this target.
If I want Torizon under WIndows, this is only aailable of Colibri Imx6, not Imx6Ull

The tutorial is very clear. It answer to many of my questions.
-Have you a tutorial to devellop the Graphic interface friendly?
-In mass production, which is the way to “flash” the collibri board with our custom application?

Do you mean windows on the host or on the module ?

I want means, I devellop my module code (application code to be executed into IMX target) with a computer under Window. Whatever the operating system on the target.

Exemple: I devellop an application running on the NXP Kinetis K70. This application run with OS MQX on the target. But I devellop the application in C/C++ under the IDE MCUExpresso on my computer with Windows 10. The IDE MCUExpresso compile the code, then I sent the compiled code with a JTAG PEMicro Multilink to flash and debug step by step…

Hello Arnaud,
keep in mind that you are talking about micro-controller development and our SOMs are based in linux.
So you could do your linux development for the SOM on Linux. But if you use our linux based TORIZON system on the SOM you can also develop your code via VS code.

Best Regards,