Colibri iMX6S 256MB IT V1.1B module failed to boot after flashing images

My u-boot and Linux images were built with BSP 2.7.2. The legacy flashing method used to work on V1.1A modules. Now we are switching to V1.1B modules, which come with Easy Installer. The u-boot failed to run after applying the legacy flashing method. I noticed that u-boot will run successfully if the Easy Installer is downgraded from 5.7.1 to 1.8 before flashing. But we just don’t want to go that route. How can we apply the legacy flashing method directly to the V1.1B modules out of the box?


Legacy method is not supported anymore. Recommended path is to build you image compatible with Toradex easy installer. And then flash it using Toradex Easy Installer.

Thanks for the reply.
I know we can set up Easy Installer to flash image automatically. But how do we set it up so that we receive a notification of completed flashing via serial console (not via the display)?

You can use a wrapup_script to do any action after completion including sending notification via serial port

Is it possible to downgrade Easy Installer from 5.3 (default rev# in V1.1B modules) to 1.8 automatically? I tried to set “autoinstall” to “true” in the image.json file. But it did not work.

If you download Easy Installer v1.8 for Colibri iMX6. Unpack to USB drive and change “autoinstall” to “true” in the image.json file (on a USB stick). Then upon insertion of this USB stick to carrier board with module running another version of Easy Installer the v1.8 will be installed automatically. I’ve tested id and ca confirm that it works as expected.

That’s what I did. I tried inserting the USB stick before and after the newer (v5.3) Easy Installer starts up. I still could not get autoinstall triggered. What am I missing?

May be you are using Easy Installer designed for different SOM? Could you share a picture of Easy Installer GUI when your USB stick is inserted?

Looks OK. Could you also attach a json file from the USB drive

image.json (1.5 KB)

Please set

“isinstaller”: false

That worked. Thanks.
Can you do me another favor by providing me with a sample code of the to output “Done” message to the serial console after flashing is completed?

Never mind. I just figured it out by reading previous posts. Thanks.

echo “Programming complete” > /dev/colibri-uarta

Please doublecheck required UART device name. It can vary depending on image version you are using

Will the legacy image flashing method be supported continuously for colibri iMX6 in the future? If not, what’s expected date of shutting down this method? Thank you.

It is possible to flash an embedded Linux image to a target module using two methods:

  • Toradex Easy Installer flashing: the preferred method for flashing. Check out the Toradex Easy Installer article for comprehensive information, including supported and pre-installed modules.
  • Legacy flashing: the flashing method prior to Toradex Easy Installer, uses bash script.

Note: Legacy flashing method does not imply that the embedded Linux image is legacy. There are pre-built Toradex images that are provided in both legacy and Toradex Easy Installer formats. Consult the image releases for a list of images in both formats.

Attention: If your Computer on Module is supported by the Toradex Easy Installer, the legacy flashing method is considered deprecated and you shouldn’t use it.