Colibri iMX6DL / aster GPIO availabilty - confidential

Hello Toradex,

I am writing you privately because we are working with a Toradex partner ICS and I did not want to suggest any issues with ICS. However, we have some further questions.

We want to use the GPIO on X20 (Pi compliant) connector of the aster board. Using the default device tree from Toradex ICS had built us a custom Yocto image. We understand that some pins on X20 have on board pull up resistor for I2C and others have paired pin configuration. However, when we could not get all the remaining “Pi GPIO” pins configured as GPIO so we reached back out to ICS for a custom device tree.

ICS created us a new custom device tree, but was unable to get all the required pins configured as GPIO. We needed 12 inputs and 8 outputs… Which is usually available on a Pi HAT connector. My question is if there is something preventing us from using the aster X20 pins as GPIO as we would a Pi ? Please see attached spreadsheet for further details. Green GPIO is working as expected.

Any comments or further information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much,