Colibri iMX6 with Linux pre-installed


I have question about iMX6 modules.
We plan to use these modules in our project.
But we only need them with linux so we do not need an Easy Installer
Can we order the modules only with pre-installed linux?

We only ship the modules with Toradex Easy Installer which itself is Linux and allows you to easily flash our Angstrom LXDE evaluation Linux image. All of our images are for evaluation use only. Therefore it is expected that you would need to flash your custom software regardless of what software we provide on the module from the factory.

Toradex Easy Installer provides production programming functionality such that you can flash your production software automatedly to large volumes of Toradex modules without the need for any manual interaction.

If you instead want to flash your custom software from U-boot (the bootloader we deploy with our Linux images), then you can do that as well. Toradex Easy Installer uses U-boot as a bootloader, so you may execute flashing scripts from the pre-loaded U-boot if you prefer.