Colibri iMX6 wec7 how to add XAMLIM soft keyboard?

colibri iMX6 wec7 how to add XAMLIM soft keyboard?

We provide an installer for the XAML runtime, so you should be able to install it and then your own keyboard.
If you want to use the XAML keyboard provided by Windows Embedded Compact you may need to build your own image using our binary BSP or, at least, use Platform Builder to build it and then add the required registry entry to the device own registry to enable it (in addition to XAML runtime install, of course).

I use imx6wince7_bsp_1.2

I make mark
Core Os - Windows EC - Shell and User Interface - User Interface - Software Input panel - SIP for small screens, SilverLight for windows embedded

And I see see only title “XAMLIM” and win ce very slow.
What else do I do?

Can you try to download a debug image and see if that provides some more information?

Is it not clear. Do you want vs2008 project?

No, I asked if you can build a debug image and run it, to see if some errors etc are reported so it’s possible to understand what’s wrong.

OK I’ll do it tomorrow

And I build a debug image. It doesn’t work at all. No errors .

No output on serial port?

INFO: Downloading NK RAM image.
ImageStart = 0x80200000, ImageLength = 0x74c807c, LaunchAddr = 0x80201000

Completed file(s):

[0]: Address=0x80200000 Length=0x74c807c Name="" Target=RAM
ROMHDR at Address 80200044h
INFO: EbootWaitForHostConnect (IP =, MAC = 0-14-2d-4c-8-89, Port = 0xd403)
Got EDBG_CMD_CONFIG, flags:0x0
Flashing image on SD/eMMC 2 at 80200000 - len: 074c807c
Writing image from sector 40962 to sector 280131.

Writing image size to sector 303105
…Done, launching image.
Launching image at 10200000.

Excuse me but it’s dump

You can enter the bootloader menu by pressing space and then x on the serial console during startup.
Then type:
set dbg.serial 1
save dbg
You should see more information on serial port after the image has been loaded.

Launching image at 10200000.

Toradex Windows CE 7.0 1.2
Colibri iMX6 DualLite 512MB
g_kitlLock = 0x87721D00

ENETInit MAC ADDR 0:14:2D:4C:8:89


PHY ID = 0x0

Failed to get the external PHY

ERROR: KITL call to pfnInit failed

OEMKitlInit failed - trying again.

I tried this:

  • build a debug image using our binary BSP and sample OS Design, testing that KITL and kernel debugger are enabled
  • did a clean sysgen
  • downloaded the image
  • the image boots, hitting some breakpoints during initialization
    Is this exactly what you did?

OK I’ll take clean your OS Design and try again.
But how I add XAMLIM soft keyboard?
Thank you.

Selecting the component is usually enough, but I can’t exclude that there could be some issue with that specific component.
Di you enabled also the XAML renderer? That works only on full-screen apps (documented issue), and probably the keyboard isn’t working full screen.

I don’t know what component need

You can select XAML Software Input Panel, the tool should select the appropriate dependencies