Colibri iMX6 WCE7 1.1 B4 Ethernet Connection failure after some period


We are having issues with ethernet connection of colibri iMX6 module based units. The connection stops randomly in a setup of 27 units on a switch under test for days. The unit that cuts itself from the network cannot be revived in any way other than a power cycle.

This is a very important issue as we are in the test phase of the product that will be released within a month or two.

The ping from the failed iMX6 unit says error 11010 and the destination replies error code 11003

We need a solution for it at the earliest. I am using 1.1 beta 4 release of the OS

In the 1.1 image you can find a second ethernet driver.
We named it enet_beta.dll and we know that it has issues on Apalis at 1GB, but since you are using colibri, you may try this driver instead.
In your registry change those entries:



We plan to move this “beta” driver as the official one as soon as we fix the issue on Apalis.