Colibri imu6ull 612 mb

Technical Support queries
Dear sir/madam

sir i need to install the toradex easy istaller i didn’t find how to install the toradex easy installer for that please guide us how to use it

Dear sir

We have downloaded toradex multi image we need erase and download the toradex easy installer for that we need procedure to erase and download the easy installer

Hi @gagangowda ,
By “multi image” I am assuming you mean multimedia image.
After loading Toradex Easy Installer, you need to be connected to internet so that it can connect to Toradex server and show you the list of images available.
After that you need to click on install and the image will be flashed on your module.

You can also download the image and keep it in your SD card/pen drive and connect to your board.
The images kept in SD card/pen drive will also appear in the list of images along with the images available on Toradex server.

Let me know if this helps.

You need to load Toradex Ease Installer using recovery mode as described here:

Then flash desired version of Easy installer using GUI as described here:

Dear Sir/Madam

I got know about reboot the module and erase previous downloaded image and your technical team support me thank you so much