Colibri HDMI Adapter with IMX6S


I bought an hdmi adapter to test it with the colibri evaluation board 3.2, I have a colibri Imx6s module, but I have nothing on my screen, is there anything to configure to make it work ? thanks for your help…

You don’t need a HDMI adapter if you are using Colibri Evaluation Board. You can connect module’s X2 connector with board X6 connector as shown here. Then you can use Colibri Evaluation Board DVI connector directly or by DVI-to-HDMI adapter like this.

In any case (either you are using Colibri HDMI adapter or Evaluation Board DVI) you need to configure video output to HDMI/DVI as described here.

Thank you for your answer, it works fine now…
I have a last question, I’m trying to connect a round 5inch screen (resolution 10801080). If I configure a standard resolution (19201080), the display is ok (just color problem) but if I configure 1080*1080, the screen remains black, do you have any advice to configure it correctly ? thank you very much.

Hi @aehki ,

What interface is the round 5inch screen using?

When you configure the standard resolution are you having an acceptable picture (expect colors) ?

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Hi @kevin.tx,
It is MIPI interface but I use it with a dsi (60 ways) to hdmi adapter board.
The picture is not really acceptable with the standard resolution (even on a normal lcd screen). I use the “1080p” configuration on display tool.

You can see the adapter on this picture : DM-ADTTR-014-for5.0_grande.jpg (600×600) (

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hello aehki,

for me it does not look like a Problem we can solve from our side. The display setting are done inside of your DSI converter board. this board just requests a resolution via HDMI from the SOM.

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