Colibri Evaluation board no power, no LEDs

Colibri iMX6DL 512 MB IT v1.1B
Colibri Evaluation Board v 3.2B
TorizonCore Upstream 5.6.0…build.21

Was working from home today, and when I got into the office I see I forgot my power adapter at home today…

Tried powering up my board with a power supply by soldering some wires under the green connector, and giving it 12V with 3A, as per the text on the power adapter (2.5 A) and Toradex documentation.

No LEDs came on, pressed the power button, still nothing.
Checked around with the voltmeter and can see that the power switch is floating at 12 V until I press the button, which pulls it to GND as it should. Still no LEDs.

Pulled out the schematics and noticed the “Always on Jumper” so I tried that. Still nothing.

Here is what I am certain of:
-the power supply is working
-the board is getting power at the right pins on X33
-no current is being drawn 0.00 A
-Diode D6 has 12 V on both sides
-jumper 28 is populated and is 12 V
-all 4 pads of IC23 are 12 V
-no usb connected (if I connect them I do get LEDs there however)
-same results with and without colibri module inserted (right now it is depopulated)

-when i connect my multimeter probe to a provided gnd lug, however, I do NOT get the same results!
-continuity check between gnd lug and input gnd shows no continuity
-continuity from gnd lug and X37 gnd
-no continuity from X33 gnd and X37 gnd
-resoldered my gnd connection incase of cold solder joint.
-continuity across inductor L19 was good
-no continuity from X33 GND to L19

Ok I see now, I need to short R184 or there is no gnd connected input!!

Thanks community, by writing out my problem and being methodical, I found my problem (rubber duck method :slight_smile:

Although now that I think of it, does this mean the adapter input is wired up wrong? from the schematic it seems it should be connected to X33 when no power adapter plug is present.

The contact#3 at X35 works a switch to select a power source between X33 and X35. When barrel plug its inserted into X35 it disconnects X33. In your case that #3 contact may be worn out or damaged, so it keeps X35 ground disconnected even if no barrel plug inserted.