Colibri Eval board Analog Input

I want to check analog input pins. I found analog input pins but how to check and what are the connections for that. We can use potentiometer to check analog inputs.And how can i check that?

Colibri Evaluation board has 4 ADC lines on X14 connector (pins 1,3,5,7 with corresponding analog ground on pins 2,4,6,8)
That lines go directly to Colibri pins 2,4,6,8.

From Colibri T20 datasheet

5.17 Analog Inputs The Wolfson WM9715 IC provides the 4 analogue input channels. Please consult the Wolfson WM9715 documentation for more information.

Table 5-23 Analog Inputs Pins

X1 Pin	 # Signal 	Name I/O Description Pin on the 					WM9715 
2 	AD3 		Analogue Input ADC input (3.3V max). 
This pin is also used in the 5-wire interface, see Touch Panel interface. 	       12 
4 	AD2 		Analogue Input ADC input (5V max) 					31 
6 	AD1 		Analogue Input ADC input (3.3V max) 					30 
8 	AD0 		Analogue Input ADC input (3.3V max) 					29


On the Colibri T20 the WM9715 supports ADC read-out through the battery driver. Currently only AD0 and AD1 are supported.

root@colibri_t20:~# cat /sys/class/power_supply/colibri_t20-analog_inputs/voltage_now

root@colibri_t20:~# cat /sys/class/power_supply/colibri_t20-analog_inputs/temp