Colibiri i.MX7 communication between the cores


I am planning to use the Colibri i.MX7 board with one core running Linux and the M4 core running FreeRTOS for realtime tasks.
How can both cores communicate with each other?
Is it possible to connect a monitor to the colibri module?
Is HDMI possible?

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The Remote Processor Messaging (rpmsg) Framework is used to talk between the operating systems.

Please have a look at the this article.

The Colibri iMX7’s one and only display interface is parallel RGB, Thus HDMI can not be directly connected.
Of course one can design a Carrier Board which converts parallel RGB to the needed display interface. E.g. the Colibri Evaluation Board and the Iris Carrier Board both feature a conversion to analog RGB and to LVDS. None of our carrier boards implement a convertersion to HDMI.

This page gives you access to the datasheet and features of the Colibri iMX7 family.