Col iMX6 Unexpected result at "Build and Run your First Application - Visual Studio Code"

Hello I’m going through the Step by step guide for my new Colibri iMX6 and in the step “Build and Run your First Application - Visual Studio Code”, I’ve come to the following output in the debug console on my vscode:
and I don’t understand where the problem might be.
Because on the other hand my terminal on vscode shows that the built was succesfull


Thanks for the help!

Greetings @cae30989,

I was unable to reproduce this on my end. Could you try to rerun the task to deploy the debug container to the device?

Also to confirm that the container and build was truly succesful you could ssh/open a serial terminal to the device and run docker images There should be a hello-world-dbg container image listed as a result of the build.

Best Regards,

Hello @jeremias.tx,

thank you for your answer. I checked and when I run docker images on my Colibri iMX6 the hello-world-dbg is there. Therefore I can’t see a reason for the output I’m getting.

I tried rerunning the task deploydebugcontainer and the same output came out. Furthermore I see the following output that I might have overseen.


Best Regards.

Seems that the file is in the .vscode subfolder and not in the root folder of your project.
.vscode folder is meant to store project settings and configuration, not the code of your application.

Thank you, now it works!